Lessons for Local Philanthropy: What We’ve Learned, Part III

  • Reach a broader audience for our giving tools to activate greater local giving through their networks
  • Learn from them about the barriers that made it difficult for partners to activate local giving among their clients
  • Gain insight to aid in designing more effective tools to bring more new local donors into the fold

While many donor-supporting organizations share our goal of accelerating giving, differing ideologies, agendas, and timelines often get in the way of collaboration.

There is power in leveraging trust relationships that already exist between partners and their members, rather than seeking to build new relationships directly with prospects, even though this limits opportunities to control the message and build direct relationships.

While many philanthropic partners express interest in co-designing events and initiatives, execution capacity is often a barrier.

Measuring impact means different things to different partners.

Educating and engaging wealth advisors to support their clients on philanthropic giving — beyond setting up charitable vehicles — is a necessary, yet insufficient step to unlocking more resources.

The promise of scale through corporate partners is usually elusive.




Powering local philanthropy to make Silicon Valley a better place for all of us.

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Magnify Community

Magnify Community

Powering local philanthropy to make Silicon Valley a better place for all of us.

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