Lessons for Local Philanthropy: What We’ve Learned So Far — Part II

  • What will attract donors who are new to wealth, younger, and in tech or tech finance to this movement?
  • Will the value of the Pledger community lead current Pledgers to recruit new ones as we wind down or after the structure of Magnify Community changes?
  • Will other allied institutions step up to help accelerate the work and spread the word to their networks?
  • Was COVID (combined with the racial justice reckoning and political upheaval) just a moment, or have Silicon Valley donors awakened to the needs in their backyard and their role in addressing those needs for the longer term?
  • Will we, and the allies who outlive this initiative, move donors from charity to solidarity, from transaction to relationship and true investment? Will creating a new giving norm lead to a shift in power in this region?
  • Will donors come to see themselves as part of a movement? Over time, can this network of organized donors consider their meeting space not just a safe space, but a brave space to give more boldly and activate others?
  • Will more donors of color be part of this movement — invited in, attracted, and internally compelled to be a part of it?
  • Who will step up to create a more holistic, irresistibly attractive vision for what Silicon Valley can be (more than a hub for technology and wealth creation)? What will that look like?



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Magnify Community

Magnify Community

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